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Big Splash Business Tips

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Making a big splash is more than dropping a stone into water. It is about making a lasting ripple effect. In business, the effect of spreading that impact outwards to others is more than just dropping a product onto people. It’s about making a lasting difference in their lives & them spreading that to others.

Remember these tips to make the biggest splash possible in your business & in your life!

1. Taking Care of Yourself is Taking Care of Business

You are making your business run. If you are not well, your business is not well! Taking care of your needs (eating enough food, drinking water, exercising, talking about your feelings, taking medication, a solid hygiene routine, etc.) is taking care of business.

Have you ever been sleepy in class? Or hungry? It is hard to concentrate on what the teacher is saying because your mind is occupied with thoughts of your stomach growling. Not being present in your life makes you less productive. When you feel your best, you do your best!

2. Be Aware of How You Spend Your Time & Attention

In my second book, “Wealth & Worth: Financial Focus for Money, Power, & Finding Your Purpose”, I discuss how our attention and time are forms of currency. What we spend our attention on is what we put our energy into. Be careful of what you put your energy into and make sure you create balance for your business. Spending too much time on random things takes away from your business' progress. Even if it takes a while to see the results you want to see, remember that time spent on your business is always worth it!

For those of us who struggle with perfectionism, remember: perfect doesn't exist! It is a moving target that is subjective to individual opinion. Instead, strive for ideal; strive for the version in your head you wish to see, yet still leave room for acceptance. Finished is better than perfect. If you cycle in the rounds of perfection, you are not actually moving towards your goal. You are spending your time & attention cycling. Finish your product, take pride in what you've made, and then release your business into the world. Progress trumps perfection!

3. Take Time to Build Your Foundation

A solid foundation (website, product supply, mission, service, etc) allows you to build, adapt, & grow your business. Business is beyond selling a product to make money. Sure, you want to earn a living using profit, but the true motivation with business is to offer a solution to a problem, take care of others' needs, or offer a product that provides life enrichment.

When making your business, what kind of an impact do you want to make?

Who do you want to make an impact on?

These questions help you determine your purpose & overall focus.

When you have your main goal, stay motivated by practicing this technique: Zoom In & Zoom Out.

Zoom Out: When a task seems daunting with details, “Zoom Out” to a larger frame of your goals. See why it is you want to accomplish your goal. The rewards, the feelings, the accomplishments! “Zoom Out” and look at the big picture to find motivation again.

If you feel overwhelmed with the big picture, “Zoom In” to the steps & find your way again.

Zoom In: “Zoom In” to the specific details of your project. From the day-to-day, monthly, and yearly activities & milestones, these tasks are steps towards meeting your goals. Decide what smaller tasks you will fit into your daily routine. Even though these steps are small, each one adds up to large progress!

Exercise using this Zoom In, Zoom Out technique to keep yourself motivated by focusing on what brings you & your dream closer.

4. Remember to Have Balance!

When you are focused on your goal, you are working hard to achieve your dream. At the same time, it is important to have fun and relax! When you are relaxed and having fun with your business, you are reducing tiresome stress and maximizing your productivity.

Stay balanced by making sure you have teammates and people who support you. You don’t have to carry the whole workload yourself. It’s more than okay to ask for help! Working with a team who shares the same goal is great, even if you like to do things in a different process. Working together helps your business by making sure your balance is maintained as everything grows.

5. Believe in Yourself!

If you are uncomfortable with change, do not let fear have power over your business by understanding that fear is just a feeling. Discomfort and fear mean you are moving beyond your comfort zone into something new. This is where magical growth takes place! As you lead with your values & mission, remember that your best is more than enough. While holding your values as priority, remain open to change because change equals growth. Allow yourself to grow by embracing the new.

Believe in your business! It comes from YOU & therefore it is unique and valuable. Diamonds are the most rare gemstone in the world. This increases their value. But there are still thousands of diamonds in this world! There is only ONE you; you & your ideas are the most rare of all! You are worth all the success that you pursue. The only proof you need is that you are living on this earth with a dream in your heart.

You are not here to stay in one place; you are here to make a splash in this world! Make your big splash by making a big impact with your business. May you be soaking with success.

With love,



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