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Tiny Flower Friends: Lessons from Nature & Poem

Just a few days ago, I cried over a teeny flower in the park. It was a moment of pure mindfulness and curiosity that I haven't felt in so long. A feeling that felt like it belonged in childhood. A moment when so much wonder was held in the simplicity of a little flower growing in the park. Such sweet joys, nature provides. For free!!

Reflecting now, I think it was simplicity itself that moved me. When life is so busy and full of big events, the true-blue savoring of a moment slows it all down. Even a small, tiny joy possesses it's own universe; I too, saw how I possessed my own universe. The smallness of this flower made my problems also seem small, similar to how I am one person to over 8 billion. Me and this tiny flower are both parts of the collective.

In this moment of mindfulness and belonging, I felt like a kid again. I felt like myself again.

I was experiencing transformation. It was surreal and exhilarating. A moment so moving that I cried each time I spoke of it. It brings me relief, peace, and hope. I wrote a poem about the flowers- my muses. These flowers truly inspired me to feel something I thought I had lost for good. Through seeing meaning and lessons right in front of me, this connection to nature, while being 100%, sober was my high.

Below is the poem.

And to anyone still thinking whether they should take a chance on themselves and their happiness: do it. Do it. Trust, let go of expectations, have fun, and do it.

From my heart,



Tiny Flower Friends

Tiny flowers make me giggle

So cute

So little

So sweet

I love their tiny little faces

Smiling back at me

I love their bright sweet colors

Their reds and blues and greens

Their sweet little smiles

The cutest that I’ve seen

I love these tiny flowers

My little teeny friends

They make me smile

So sweetly

My heart they softly mend

I hope you find yourself

Some teeny flower pals

let them cheer you up

With their cute tiny smiles

Cause even though they’re little

My goodness, they are sweet

They kiss the bottom of my toes

Gently tickling my feet

They have such great power

Even though they’re super small

The power to remember, I too, am small

As well as my problems all

They call this thing the present

This thing that they call "living"

Our gift is in love and light

Our gift is in the giving

Simple joys abundantly grow

Open your eyes to not miss

Take care of our sweet petal pals

Give your flower friends a kiss

Though these tiny flower friends

Are very unexpected

We all exist together

Collectively connected

Here they are smiling

Up at you and me

To remind us that we’re infinite

And in this, we are free

2023 Copyright Savannah Rose Johnson of EclipseEvolutionLLC


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