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I'm a firm believer in the value of real, human connection. My approach is laid back, compassionate, and curious. I strive to make sure you feel safe, heard, and accepted. We are both humans going through life, perfectly imperfect, and our flaws are merely connection points to our humanity. I will provide the most heartfelt insights I possibly can, collaborate with you on finding solutions, and utilize my variety of education and training to shine light on the path towards achieving your goals. 

In my free time I enjoy live music, dancing, writing, cooking, antiquing, meditating, hiking, and playing with my many animals!

My Mission

Be Seen For Who You Are.

Holistic life coaching focuses on you as a person: your goals, dreams, physical health, mindset, and identity, thus helping you balance your entire lifestyle. Where traditional therapy often emphasizes symptom management of a mental health diagnoses, life coaching is more focused on who you are as a person, including your mental health. Together, we work on achieving your optimal mental wellness, i.e. the big-picture of one's wellness and relationship with themselves and how they proceed through their lives.

Uncover and Conquer Barriers.

Accomplishing goals is more than completing a to-do list. Often, the reason why we procrastinate or do not achieve a goal has little to do with the task and more to do with the subconscious motivation. Using neurolingustic programming (NLP), science, and compassionate coaching, we can discover the root causes of your shadows, bring them gently into the light, and excavate them for your true empowerment.

Feel Safe Being Yourself.

Shame, fear, judgement, and embarrassment often keep the most restrictive behaviors and habits in the dark, thus hindering a person's true transformation. Through applying radical honesty, awareness, and my own human vulnerability, I help you detach your behaviors from your identity. By providing an accepting, comfortable exploration space, we invite true healing and curiosity into your goal achievement and mental wellness journey.

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