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10 Treats About Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Adapted from original publication "Ode to Sweetie Pie" on August 16, 2016 from my former blog


After working 5 days a week for 57 weeks, I have learned a great deal from my time at the bakery Sweetie Pie by Savie.

Not only did this job come at the perfect time in my life, but it definitely has left an impact deeper than expected. Sweetie Pie by Savie was more than just a job for me, it was and will always be my 2nd home.

Walking away now, I am able to reflect with great appreciation about all of the knowledge I have gained from my experience at this cheeky, little bakery. Not only did I learn about cash registers, creating a mean cup of coffee, and how you can bake desserts from Asian sweet potatoes, but I also can take away valuable lessons on customer service, business, and friendship.

Overall, Sweetie Pie by Savie has been the definition of a blessing. I wanted to create a memoir on 10 Treats About Life from my time at Sweetie Pie's.

So here we go!

10 Treats About Life

1) I'm So Happy My Mom Spanked Me

Nothing made me question reproducing more when uncontrolled children slapped their greasy hands on the food display case, ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, or repeatedly slammed the refrigerator door. I not only wanted to strangle the kids (figuratively...maybe), but more so the parents. But when a child was obedient and respectful, I could literally (and probably creepily) hug the parents. So, thank you, Mom, for spanking my ass when I was acting-a-fool.

2) Nice People Win (The Bigger Scones)

People always say that those who are large and in charge reap all of the benefits. Well, it was probably large and in charge people who created that expression because little did they know, they, the rude jerks of the world, are getting the runt-of-the-litter scones and cookies. It is the kind, smiling people who I will happily grab the largest scone for and our regulars who I will gladly give the last cookie to. And last time I checked, there is no rule against that. So nice people, you rock.

3) It's What's Inside That Counts

A cake can be beautiful but still have a disappointing taste. Not only are the cakes (and all desserts) gorgeous at Sweetie Pie by Savie, but every single flavor to pick from matches its appearance in taste. However, there are some cakes that have a more simple design or even have unusual decorating. In the end, when you slice one up, they'll always be one-hundred percent delicious. This can also be applied towards people (not taste-wise, obviously). Some people can be beautiful but have unfortunate personalities and some plain, or even unusually decorated people, can light up the room with their personality.

4) Size Matters (Tip Size, That Is)

I understand, my job doesn't really require tips. Yes, they make me feel warm and fuzzy but you don't really have to give me one. But, if I spend 15 minutes helping you plan an entire dessert assortment for your family dinner and even help you pick out special treats for your trendy "vegan" granddaughter and triple-plastic wrap nut-free treats for your allergy ridden nephew, all with exceptional patience and after repeating myself 7 times, I will sigh in frustration when you leave if you pay in exact change. Now whenever I go out to places, if I am treated with memorable customer service, I always tip and verbally acknowledge my server. You never know, this could mean more to someone than you realize.

5) Things Don't Always Work Out the Way You Planned

This one definitely rings true for working at the bakery. It seems whatever brilliant new food you make will never sell and then days you don't think will be busy are slammed. Anything you stop making for a day will be requested by 5 people and when the oven is baking slowly there will be a line outside the door before you open. Tuesday's will be busy and Saturdays, slow. Really, all you can do is Keep Calm and Bake On.

6) We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional

Nothing makes the day brighter than being around my Sweetie Pie staff when we are all having fun. It is a circus. Hannah shines the most contagious laughter, Luna radiates the wildest spirit, Ethan emits continuous humor, and Savie glows with the most compassionate heart . There's always music, there's always smiling, there's always laughter. Not only have my coworkers become my best friends, but as cliché as it sounds, we are truly family.

7) Plan Ahead. Seriously.

Nothing made me crazier working at the bakery than when someone would come in on a Friday and ask to order a cake for that afternoon or Saturday. People. I cannot stress enough that you are the thing of nightmares. Yes, most times we will bend over backwards and try our best to accommodate to you and your ridiculous expectations ( hello, this is a local, popular bakery where everything is made from scratch and with careful craftsmanship) but if we are not able to fit you in, the last thing you should do is get angry at us. If you want something fast, you can go to the grocery store but I'll guarantee you that you won't get anything close to as delicious and beautiful as a cake from Sweetie Pie by Savie.

8) Work Then Play? More Like Work AND Play

The old expression "If you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life" has found its way into my heart. While being a baker isn't my calling, (I'll leave that magic to Savie and the squad) I truly loved my time at Sweetie Pie. I'm not going to lie, there were days that I would huff and puff about things when I got home but at the end of the day, it truly was a wonderful job. There are very few things in this world that I will wake up at 5:45 in the morning for. Sweetie Pie by Savie is at the top of the list.

9) You Get What You Give

I honestly pity those who enjoy slacking off. That is something that I actually cannot comprehend. When I work hard, I feel great. It is fun. I distinctly remember once when a particular Saturday at Sweetie Pie by Savie was busy. My coworkers and myself were racing around the building trying to help all of the customers with the best of our ability. While others may have been flustered at this situation, I was having a ball. When the rush was in full force, my boss, Speedy, stopped to ask me if I was okay. I remember beaming and responding, "Are you kidding? This is so much fun!!"

Not only did Sweetie Pie by Savie teach me the values of making my own money and having responsibility over something bigger than myself, but I realized that it is a huge confidence booster to help a run a business. Sweetie Pie definitely relied on me as much as I did on it, and that in itself gave my life more purpose.

10) Kindness is Always a Recipe for Success

Whether with customer service, desserts taking a turn for the worst, or dealing with any kind of obstacle, I've found that if you try to present everything with a positive attitude and genuine kindness, no matter the outcome of your task, you will find it more enjoyable along the way. Whether I forgot to set a timer and burned the cookies or even if someone was rude to me, with the help of my Sweetie Pie by Savie family, I was always reminded to stay positive and remember the big picture. Be thankful for learning from mistakes ( and acquiring a taste for charred ginger snaps) and be gracious for the awesome regulars who have grown to become friends. At the end of the day, kindness is always remembered. And that's truly sweet.


Thank you again to everyone who has made my experience at Sweetie Pie by Savie truly marvelous.

With all the love in my heart,

Savannah Rose Johnson


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