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The Four Kinds of Money

It's hugely important to understand money's variations in order for you to achieve powerful wealth... and I don't mean dollars, pounds or pesos ...

I'm talking about The Four Different Kinds of Money That You Need.


Watch the video for a detailed description or read below for highlights.


1) Necessity Money

You need this money to live. Don't feel ashamed about liking money, needing money, or even- yes- loving money. It's okay! The reality is: you need it. Necessity Money is required for you to survive, such as money for: rent; food; gasoline; utilities; bills; car repairs; healthcare; etc.

Think of maintaining this kind of money as a form of self-care. By achieving and budgeting for Necessity Money, you can live with comfort and without stress.

2) Lifestyle Money

Assure your Necessity Money is taken care of and feel free to allot the surplus towards your Lifestyle Money: the money needed to achieve the level of comfort, luxury, and leisure that you want. If you desire the freedom to make your own work-schedule, a closet full of luxury clothes, and the ability to take month-long vacations, you better make enough money to have the resources to do so.

Lifestyle Money is money you gift to yourself; go ahead: give yourself the grace to live the life of your dreams by budgeting for it. If you can afford to, there's no shame in securing the bag.

3) Investment Money

Manifesting begins with investing. Investment Money is essential to manifesting your goals, securing your future, and growing to new heights. Try not to see saving money as denying yourself of money for some obscure "rainy day"; create the goal in your mind, visualize it and feel in your bones what it'll be like to achieve what it is you need the money for. Saving money is actually investing in the future you want, gathering initial resources to acquire it, and creating the very foundation for it to become your reality.

4) Money to Share

Money is a cyclical flow that must be stimulated. This means to get money, you must understand, accept, & respect its natural current. Loving money doesn't automatically make you greedy; however, to avoid the temptation of going green with greed, you must also equally celebrate opportunities to share your money. By not holding onto money too much and exercising generosity, you're stimulating the natural money flow. Find joy in embracing Money to Share as it allows you to make a meaningful impact in the world around you. Have fun with it and gain happiness from the joy & peace you are creating in others. Be generous and witness how quickly you multiply both your bank account & your blessings.

The Four Types of Money are hugely instrumental in manifesting abundance of both wealth and well-being in your life.

Get curious about how you can make money work for you!


Savannah Rose Johnson, CLC is an Internationally Certified Life Coach who specializes in applying themes of behavioral neuroscience & sociology towards maximizing success in entrepreneurship, wealth management, and holistic wellness.

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