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Contagion Coaching

Worldwide connection equals worldwide sickness. What the Covid-19 virus is teaching us about the next steps for a healthier tomorrow.

Watch the video and/or read below:

Contagion Coaching- Better understand the spread & severity factors to improve peace of mind.

Why is Corona a Thing?

Corona virus or Covid-19 is a new strain of virus due to the modern levels of connectivity and interaction.

History of Disease

Remember when the pilgrims gave smallpox to Native Americans? That was a time before Native Americans had any immunity to the European disease.

Diseases historically remained regional & took time to spread due to slow rates of connectivity.

Modern times with global travel, rapidly changing climate, and climbing population densities mean an increase in the amount of diseases, and a decrease in the amount of time it takes for them to spread. Global culture means the sharing… of everything.


2020 culture is global now; we share fashion, food, travel… and diseases.

Sickness and disease are parts of every different culture. i.e. global viruses are going to keep happening. Corona was merely one of the first ones, which means that standard procedures and protocols are yet to be formulated. Lack of a plan during a shocking shift leads to chaos and fear of the unknown. Corona isn't necessarily more deadly than the flu, but it's glamorized nature leads it to have the appearance of greater significance.

Which brings me to:


You see it everywhere, because you see it everywhere. Media thrives on the negative & scary topics. The media is merely trying to inform what people need to know to be informed, yes; but it can blow the situation our of proportion. This is again the result of a globalized culture, as it connects us in many ways, media included.

Factors of Spread & Severity Are:

Population density: More people = more contact = greater chance of passing illness.

Covid-19 originated in China... a country with over 1.4 billion people.

Wellness: are you exercising and taking care of yourself? The Corona virus isn't more deadly than the flu; however the newness of the virus means little to no immunity- hence the global susceptibility.

Stress: Are you under stress? Stress raises your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone your body makes when you’re stressed out; high levels of this hormone causes your immunity to become weakened over time. Think clean, healthy thoughts!

Trust in your prevention methods and take care of you!

How to Prepare:


  • Nutrition: You need vitamins and nutrients to energize your body to fight off sickness!

  • Foods w Vitamin C: Oranges, Kiwi, & Strawberries (do I hear smoothies?); Tomatoes

  • Elderberries: immunity support superstar! Try a supplement, too! Hydrate with water!!

  • Extra sleep- do I really need to convince you?

  • Those who have sensitive immune systems: elderly; children; recently sick or injured; people under stress; people with auto-immune sensitivity.

  • *This is cold/flu/allergy season anyways; be gentle on yourself*


  • Hand sanitizer: keep some in your purse, pocket, desk drawer, car, etc!

  • Washing hands: do it whenever you pass a sink.

  • Say it don’t spray it! Personal space & courtesy, please.

  • Distance yourself from mouth-breathers.

  • Don’t be touching your face, biting your nails, etc. That’s just gross.

  • Clean your living and work space weekly, at least. Areas of high-traffic, daily.

  • After someone visits or uses your belongings, use disinfectant products.

  • Wipe down tables, doorknobs, keyboards, mice, chairs, etc. with a disinfectant wipe before & after use.

In the gym, due to sweat and heavy breathing, make sure to wipe down your dumbbells, benches, machines, and to use hand sanitizer after touching & using facilities.

Economy & Stock Market

Don’t freak out!

There’s a big cultural shift and our economy is going into shock. If everyone starts to pull out and freak out, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don't stimulate the chaos!

Of course, it’s always a good idea to save money and have an emergency plan. You never know who or what could happen. Saving money for your health is directly investing in your quality of long-term life.

What to Expect Moving Forward?

  • It’s a globalized culture- this is the new norm!

  • Climate change and better atmosphere are a priority to help with overall respiratory health.

  • More regular efforts for sanitation & disinfecting public spaces.

  • Individual responsibility for hygiene and “sanitary footprint”

Stay calm, stay healthy & be well!

Coach Savvy,


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Savannah Rose Johnson, CLC

Internationally certified life coach whose background studies of sociology and globalization help her to understand and educate the "Big Picture" behind global cultural shifts.


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