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Grasp Your Gratitude

"When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea." - Unknown

Gratitude as a state of mind will change your entire life.

Your mindset is more than just how you feel when you are reacting to a situation.

It's how you react to, think about, & view acts, events, or other life occurrences.

Your mindset is a way of thinking; a pattern; way of being; the way your consciousness vibrates.

Living a gratuitous mindset is making the most from a situation.

It's as simple as replacing old thinking patterns such as:

-Saying "thank you" to someone, rather than saying "sorry."

ex: If you're running late, don't just apologize! Say, "thanks for waiting for me!"

-Being thankful for the strength you're gaining from tough experiences.

-Remaining thankful of the love you share with someone when you miss them.

or spinning around the negative thought into a positive one:

"Ugh! I hate the rain!"


"I'm so thankful the Earth is getting nourished."

Take a moment after an occurrence in your life to learn from what the moment is trying to show you. Find the positive in the situation & allow your frequency to rise above into a higher level contentment.

The details of your life contain the pieces of your entire life puzzle.

When you find gratitude in the little things, you in turn change how you see every situation. A change in the smallest things, such as with changing your thoughts, transforms the details of daily life.

When you find the positive in every situation, you allow your mindset & entire life to be filled with such things.

"It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy." -Unknown

I hope you can reflect on these ideas and use the following themes to allow more love & light into your life.

Warmest regards,

Savannah Rose


Savannah Rose Johnson, CLC

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