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10 Benefits of Life Coaching

Ten incredibly transformative ways that coaching benefits every aspect of your life.

What will life coaching empower you to accomplish?

10 Benefits of Life Coaching

1) Direction

Life doesn’t come with a road map; luckily, each person gets to design the roads to their future. Life coaching is an invaluable resource for gaining a deeper understanding of personal assets, strengths, and how to best utilize your skill sets in order to design the map towards your ideal life. Coaching gifts you clarity from this concise direction in order to avoid hang-ups and maintain the movement of your goals, all the way towards the desired destination of success.

2) Intention

If you already know how to do it, why haven’t you yet? Following through with decisions begins with setting solidified intentions. Life coaching takes up-in-the-air dreams & ideas and brings them down to earth in a tangible manner that makes achieving your biggest goals not only realistic, but absolutely attainable.

3) Perspective

Just as with professional athletes, it takes a second, experienced opinion to offer deeper perspectives. Even Tiger Woods & Lebron James have coaches who help them exercise & refine their many skills. With an objective framing, life coaching highlights your needs, desires, skills & goals, thus providing customized, professional guidance to refresh your current status and reveal in-depth, personalized insights into how to best achieve the life you want.

4) Support & Validation

Key word to life coaching is *life*: entailing the unique details of your personality and enhancing them to best suit your goals. Like in sports, your coach is a part of your team; as a life coach, I’m here for you every step of the way, providing compassionate, accepting support that is respectful of your dreams in order to guide you towards manifesting them into your reality.

5) Accountability & Guidance

A friend will tell you what you want to hear; A good friend will tell you the truth. As your coach, I will tell you the truth and also provide accountability, expertise, & support in order to motivate, encourage & cheer you on, whilst holding you to high expectations because I know you can achieve them. Life coaching keeps you on track, assures your awareness of all necessary steps for your goals, and enforces the consistency needed to let the changes sink in & become familiar, resulting in powerful progress.

6) Organization & Balance

Goals can be intimidating and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to decide where/when/how to even begin. Life coaching is perfect for breaking down goals into achievable steps & helping you discover ways to transform your dream into your reality. Top-notch organization allows for clear, concise direction to unfold & reveal incredible results. Life coaching helps you build these achievements, thus allowing your very real growth to add momentum to your motivation.

7) Manifestation

Goals begins as dreams but it’s your responsibility to manifest your dreams into existence! It all begins by laying the foundation towards the goals you wish to achieve; understand that with the guidance of coaching, every step taken is a brick that is building the foundation of your success and bringing you closer to your desired reality.

8) Precision

As life coaching is different from therapy, your sessions are structured to best suit your current & future needs. With vision directed away from traditional therapeutic goals such as treating symptoms or processing your past traumas, life coaching is centered in the here & now, addressing your most pressing concerns and establishing a plan of action to construct your ideal, balanced future.

9) Permanence

If you want to change your life, it begins with changing your daily habits. Life coaching is beyond just achieving goals: it is creating a long-lasting successful lifestyle with new & improved thought processes that continue to serve you all your life. Coaching creates the consistency of application needed to these steps in order to change your neural pathways & plasticize your brain into a tool that serves your goals. Guaranteed to see a ripple effect in your career, relationships, and overall satisfaction of life because your overall functionality is enhanced to your highest self.

10) Achievement

With the meeting of goals large & small, tangible and grow-able milestones of achievement are created. Coaching empowers you to consistently apply yourself in a conscious manner to powerfully build momentum towards your success & accomplishments.

Your life is your greatest work of art: make it a masterpiece!


Savannah Rose Johnson, CLC is an internationally certified life coach specializing in manifesting success, life organization, identity building, and finding your true purpose. She is currently practicing within Attento Counseling across metro Atlanta.

Please visit to learn more about Coach Savvy.

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