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Redmond Bandy- Interview with Kennrod Inc.

Kennrod Inc. President, Dr. Kelley G., and Vice President, Savannah Rose Johnson, interview professional clothier Redmond Bandy of Tom James Company.

Watch the full interview below!

Redmond Bandy is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. During his childhood years there, he connected with others through music and sports. He discovered a passion for sales though selling books during the summer. In 2018, Redmond received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Oakwood University. Since then, he's built his sales experience in various areas including security systems, insurance, and clothing. Redmond currently resides in Atlanta & works as a professional clothier at Tom James Company. There, he's able to pursue his passion in sales, fashion, and connecting with others. During his free time, you can find Redmond trying new cuisine around the city, watching movies, or staying active through fitness.

Thank you for the fantastic interview, Redmond!!


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