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Wellness Services

My philosophy is one grounded in a natural call for humanitarianism. Utilizing my background in behavioral neuroscience & sociology, my passion for hypnosis & coaching combine to thoughtful, effective support centered around your unique desires & goals. 

"Healing the Whole Person" 

Mind: Life Coach, RTT Practitioner

Body: Ayurvedic Nutritionist, In-Process: 500 YTT Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor 

Soul: Integration Specialist, Reiki Practitioner

Life Coaching

I am an ICS Certified Life Coach (CLC) and I have a passion for helping others ignite their full potential by offering compassionate, non-judgmental coaching. I believe in a holistic approach based on genuine connection, science and support. View my specialties below.

Psychedelic Integration Services

Utilizing plant medicine and psychedelics can be intimidating; with me, you don't have to navigate this landscape alone.  With the cutting-edge and continuously expanding world of psychedelic therapy, I utilize my experience and intensive training be your shepherd through this transformative process.
Safety, intention, education, and gentleness are a few of the main components we explore while crafting your "game plan", working together in preparation and integration. 

Disclaimer: I do not supply illegal substances. Please do not reach out with this request.

 Hypnosis Services

I am a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT.P). Reprogram your mind and release yourself from unhelpful subconscious programming with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)- a hybrid technique that combines the science of hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Learn more about hypnosis HERE.

Ayurveda Nutrition Coaching

What is Ayurveda? 
"A system of medicine that’s based on the belief that dis-ease begins as an imbalance or stress in a person’s consciousness" (Johns Hopkins University).

It’s also known as the sister science to yoga. Ayurvedic nutrition can help you achieve wellness goals through personalized meal plans, relationship with food coaching, balanced digestion education, and more!


Career Coaching

Eating Disorder Recovery

Identity, Life Purpose, & Confidence

Work/Life Balance

Burnout Recovery

Life Changes & Transitions



Bipolar Disorder & Emotional Regulation



Anxiety & Stress Management 

LGBTQIA+ Community

Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Faith & Spirituality

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Addiction/Dependency Recovery

Women’s Support & Empowerment

Spiritual Services

Want coaching with a little woo?

Whether it's through incorporating astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, crystals, Reiki, and more, I've decided to share my intuitive gifts with others. Exploring the metaphysical realm is as fascinating as it is enchanting, and I am excited to share my gifts with you.

Spiritual Services Are Great For:

Gaining Clarity

Conscious Relationship Coaching

Life Transitions

Identity Exploration

And More!

Disclaimer: Spirituality practices do not predict the future, nor do they negate any spiritual beliefs or religions. I respect any and all belief systems. 

Financial Aid & Complimentary Consultation Calls

Care should always be accesible and sustainable. 
I'm happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation call.
Please mention sliding scale, if needed. 

Student, first-responder, medical provider, teacher,
& militar
y member discounts offered.

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