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Podcast Special Guest: Author, Intuitive Leader, & Mother: Ciara Rubin

In 2015, Ciara was told by an aura reader that she was meant to be a spiritual teacher and leader. At the time, she thought the lady was crazy, but trusted a tiny gut feeling to look further into it. Since then, Ciara has helped thousands of people with her intuitive work, often getting the high praise of, “how did you know that?!” 

After realizing that EVERYONE has the ability to develop their intuitive and psychic abilities, Ciara started a spiritual business to spread the message. These extra-senses are simply part of the human experience, available to anyone who claims their birthright. Opening to galactic consciousness, the true history of our species, and having several ET experiences have been the icing on that cake.  

As an empath with powerful clairvoyance and clairaudience, Ciara leans on her intuition to guide all decisions in her life, which led her on a pilgrimage to Egypt, a cross country adventure that saved her marriage, and the empowered home-births of her two sons. 

It is my distinct honor to not only have interviewed Ciara and celebrate her, but calling her my friend is the greatest gift.

Ciara's Book is Available HERE.

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