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My Letter to the Future

Oglethorpe Day

February 12, 2020

Time Capsule Submission

Savannah Johnson is providing a copy of her book “Ghosts & Letters” on this day, February 12, 2020.

"I wrote, illustrated, and published my interactive poetry & self-help book “Ghosts & Letters” during the summer before my senior year at Oglethorpe University. Being a proud major in Sociology with a concentration in Social Work, my involvement & experiences in my field have largely inspired the creation of my book. Through my own self-discovery during my time at Oglethorpe, I’ve truly developed a new meaning behind learning how to use my voice. My book elaborates on the personal challenges we all face, whether it’s with relationships, mental health, or just life in general, and how these unique challenges, in turn, create unique strength within us all.

Oglethorpe is actually the third college I’ve attended, and I transferred here in January 2018. My transfer experience was difficult, but it taught me so much about myself & that following your heart is always the right answer. When I first transferred to Oglethorpe, I was within a different major that I thought was meant to be my destiny. After suffering from numerous tragic losses in November of 2018, I realized just how delicate and short life is; it is vitally important to pursue what fulfills you and to start right now!

I wanted to share with those in 2030 that no matter how old you are, if you’ve graduated college or not, that chasing your dreams is always possible. There’s never a perfect time to do anything but what matters is starting. Then, it becomes the perfect time because it’s happening, you’re laying the foundation, and already manifesting your dreams into your reality.

Hard work always pays off and self-discipline is an element of self-respect that must be exercised. Take control of your life by never settling for something that doesn’t absolutely inspire you to go bigger, dream bigger, and live the biggest life with the biggest splash possible. You matter & you were meant to be in this world.

Be thankful for challenges that come your way, because they are meant to teach you where to spend your energy and who to share your heart with. What may seem like a loss at first is always underlined with a lesson for learning how to grow into your higher self. Elevation comes with losing the things that weigh down your soul. Losses are truly openings for new blessings in your life. Trust the process & your attitude will dictate what comes your way next. Your fears only have the power you give them. The power is always within you. Love yourself through it all and embrace change. Nothing is linear in its flow and trying to control everything in life is what creates limitations. Allow the wind to blow you where you will grow. Always cherish those who support you in your wildest endeavors.

Whoever is reading this in 2030, whether it’s one or one million people, know that this message is not a coincidence, but it is meant for you to hear. Let it resonate with you. Let it inspire you. And let yourself have the courage to be compassionate in this world.

Lastly, using your voice is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Your life is your greatest work of art: make it a masterpiece.

To all my Petrels, past and present, my heart is with you.

-Savannah Rose Johnson


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