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Spiritual Services

My passion for helping others is very much fueled by spiritual fulfillment. 


My life purpose is, without question, to provide my insights, creativity, compassion, and intuitive gifts with the collective consciousness.


Exploring the metaphysical realm is as fascinating as it is enchanting, and I am excited to share my gifts with you.

Disclaimer: Spirituality practices do not predict the future, nor do they negate any spiritual beliefs or religions. I respect any and all belief systems. 

Astrology Services

Astrology is a deeply rooted passion of mine. With society's growing awareness and intrigue, I've decided to share my intuitive gift with others via natal chart readings and interpretations, life coaching with astrological incorporations, conscious relationship coaching, and astrological influence support.

60 Minute Astrological Coaching Session: $75

90 Minute Astrological Coaching Session: $100


Tarot Reading Services

Tarot is an interpretive tool to help gain clarity and validation for life events. I provide readings on life transitions, relationships, general inquiries, and exploring one's purpose. Length of reading is determined by what you are looking to explore.

30 Minute Readings: $40

(Recommended for General Inquiries)

60 Minute Readings: $75

(Recommended for Relationship and Life Purpose Inquiries)

90 Minute Readings: $100

(Recommended for Life Transition Inquiries)

Reiki Services

Reiki is Japanese for "Universal Energy". The relaxing practice of reiki utilizes energy work to rebalance chakras, our emotional energy centers in our body, to aide mental wellness symptom relief. 

90 Minute Session: $100

Dream Interpretation &

Consciousness Exploration

All behaviors are rooted in thoughts and all thoughts are rooted in subconscious emotions or beliefs. Whether it is through dream interpretation or guided meditations, I help you explore below the surface within your subconscious to help you better understand your motivations, desires, and self awareness.

30 Minute Session: $40

60 Minute Session: $75



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