A Letter to Pete Davidson

It broke my heart to read Pete Davidson’s message about his suicidal ideation. I find him to be a very real person in the midst of the fabricated reality of the entertainment industry.

His honesty about how his life is tormented with Borderline Personality Disorder and suicidal ideation is a reality that I have close experience in, given my education and work history in the mental health field.

It is evident that Pete is trying his best to cope with his breakup while juggling his daily battle in feeling uncomfortable in his own skin. By sharing his struggle with BPD, he is demonstrating enormous courage by revealing his humanity on a very public platform- a vulnerability that’s too often ridiculed by criticisms despite his noble efforts of trying to help others. He's often mentioned the relentless bullying he receives due to his BPD- an injustice that should not become normalized.

Obviously, helping others and spreading joy through laughter gives him a sense of purpose by helping him cope with “not wanting to be on this earth”- an earth that has lately been invalidating and capitalizing on his very real and very raw suffering.

I hurt when I read his message because anyone with true empathy and compassion can feel his hurt in the way he wrote it- and it’s something I can relate to in my own ways. I commend the bravery, honesty, and respect that he shows himself in what he needs to do in order to feel okay (deleting his Instagram, posting his feelings, etc.).

And for Ariana Grande- I’m extremely disappointed in her actions. I’m aware that I’m just an outsider to this entire situation and of course, not completely informed of all the details, but the authenticity of Pete’s cry for help cannot be ignored and it’s transparent that he is truly in pieces.

He is trying to help himself by setting clear boundaries with Ariana by directly telling her she is not healthy for his life. But upon hearing about his post, she shows up uninvited anyways, serving as a sadistic reminder of his pain, all while simultaneously tweeting about her new song’s release and cracking an ill-mannered joke: perverting care and concern into persistent, twisted darkness by fueling the fire of media frenzy, like throwing bloody meat into a shark tank. Did she really think her actions were truly going to help him?

Ariana- I understand that writing songs is your own way of coping with life, however, I found your response to Pete’s message extremely disrespectful, inconsiderate, and completely lacking in class.

If you truly care for Pete in the way you claim, please try to be more mindful of your public impact by listening to his request for relief by respecting his boundaries.


So Pete, if you read this somehow, please know that I am praying for your healing and peace. It’s wildly unfair and disgusting that your suffering is under the pop culture microscope for the sake of others’ entertainment and amusement. You may be a comedian, but your feelings don’t deserve to be violated in this way.

Your life is precious. You make others smile and laugh and forget their own worries. You take shitty circumstances and cleverly craft them into something that brings hope back into this ever-darkening world.

Also, you have made impactful strides in the likes of mental health advocacy- a realm I am personally passionate about- and I’m so proud of you.

Please know that you are seen and supported. You are heard.

Not heard for a script or press release or publicity statement but heard as a humble human being who needs some light during this overwhelming darkness that can be so invasive.

Your spirit is brave and worthy of happiness. I sincerely hope you find that happiness.

You truly deserve comfort, peace, and healing.

With love and light,

Savannah Rose Johnson


If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). You can find a list of additional resources at SpeakingOfSuicide.com/resources


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