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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle

Oglethorpe University excels in exercising Aristotle’s idea. OU’s curriculum and environment are interwoven to nurture student prosperity.

When I first transferred to Oglethorpe, from the very beginning I was heard as an individual with individual needs. For once, I was seen not just as a student, but as a human being. The faculty were readily willing to assist and able to cater to my needs. I didn’t feel funneled into a system, but rather I was welcomed into a family that encouraged an educational experience as unique as I am.

Oglethorpe values its students’ well-being down to an individual basis; a rarity that I immediately noticed when I first needed assistance in my transfer process. When the faculty kindly asked for my name and didn’t just demand my student number, I instantly felt that this school was where I belonged. Oglethorpe is always happy to guide me whenever I have questions, and I’m never afraid that I will be dismissed or just sent a link to the website FAQ page. Every nut and bolt intertwined in Oglethorpe cares about the students, thus erasing the “Us vs. Them” mentality that was the norm at my former, public institution.

Oglethorpe’s humble student body translates to a greater disbursement of scholarships, so I finally don’t have to fight tooth and nail for financial aid in an over-saturated market. I never have to worry about being vulnerable to financial exploitation and rabbit hole fees; the value of an Oglethorpe education is evident. I see where my money goes every day, through the engaging student organizations, helpful campus resources, and expansive educational opportunities.

Transferring to Oglethorpe University was by far one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Not only does the academia educate and prepare me for career success, but Oglethorpe’s approach to “the college experience” is what makes this school truly unique. Oglethorpe goes above and beyond other universities in refining their students into well-rounded, socially responsible, and capable adults.

As a student, I have incredible diplomacy in my academic growth, which contrasts greatly from the formulaic approach my former institution enforced. At Oglethorpe, there is room for personal discovery within my classes and innovative free-thinking is greatly encouraged. The academia at Oglethorpe is heavily grounded in experience, resulting in personalized education through doing, not just by cracking open a textbook. Intimate classroom sizes nurture connectivity between students; group projects forging friendships that are as meaningful as they are creatively collaborative.

Passionate and experienced educators trailblaze the classrooms; professors are equally knowledgeable and readily helpful, and genuine concern for student learning extends beyond the classroom. Relationships are manifested in advisement structured around each student’s interests and ambitions, thus creating fruitful, personalized mentoring.

I feel my own education is expansive, interesting, challenging, and geared towards learning about both the subject material and my own values. My courses bring fresh, thought-provoking ideas to each class; my local and global perspectives evolving. I’ve also found great improvements in my critical thinking and writing skills; tools I recognize I will carry with me through my college life and beyond. My education is mindful of how to thrive in life, rather than just survive. I’m empowered beyond only landing a job once the diploma hits my hand, but I’m encouraged to explore my pursuit of becoming an agent of change for the future. Earning my liberal arts degree in Sociology with a Concentration in Social Work has been a personal growth experience that continues to craftily enhance my identity and achieve my goals.

Since I transferred to Oglethorpe, I’ve become involved in life-changing experiences through multiple internships and the creation of my own Transfer Student Association; both bring me immense fulfillment and I am grateful for Oglethorpe’s support in my wildest dreams. Through this hands-on approach that is Oglethorpe, I have had significant advocacy in achieving my goals. With the abundance of campus resources, I am further developing my incredibly fulfilling passions; each day paves the way towards creating a meaningful life for myself. Opportunities for internships, employment, and study-abroad are not only realistically obtainable and readily available, but they challenge me to construct positivity in my community and beyond.

Being just a few miles outside the heart of Atlanta, the location of Oglethorpe University is icing on the cake. Bustling with contagious energy and prospective curiosities, Atlanta is the ideal city for young twenty-somethings seeking a balance between work and play. Oglethorpe’s beautiful, safe, close-knit campus delivers the easy-going atmosphere to accomplish those papers and assignments; Buckhead ritz and glitz consistently delivers the weekend fun.

With philanthropy taking centerfold to Oglethorpe University’s key values, community involvement is heavily emphasized.

Oglethorpe’s motto is: Make a Life. Make a Living. Make a Difference.

This motto is respectfully exercised through the incorporation of philanthropy into the academia. Education with heart, Oglethorpe’s atmosphere is focused on empowering its students to flourish; education expanding beyond academia into a nurturing balance between career, social, and personal development. Oglethorpe helps students thrive and grow into well-rounded adults who have enriched perspectives on life; my own hands-on experiences and meaningful involvements are the reason I am so highly satisfied with my decision to transfer. With the help of this school, I have found a family, created a home, and am building a life for myself. Oglethorpe University may be small, but it has a big heart ready to fuel big dreams.


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