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Hello, there!


I’m Savannah Rose Johnson, CLC, RTTP.

Life Coach - Ketamine Specialist - Author - Hypnosis Specialist - Reiki Certified 

*Now Offering KAP Services*

My coaching philosophy is one grounded in a natural call for humanitarianism. I have a passion for helping others ignite their full potential by offering compassionate, non-judgmental coaching. I believe in a holistic approach based on genuine connection, science and support.


I am a Ketamine Support Specialist, ICS Certified Life Coach (CLC) and a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT.P), serving within Attento Counseling Marietta and The North Atlanta Attento Ketamine Center.


Also at Attento Counseling, I am the Co-Creator & Co-Manager of Marietta Wellness & Emotional Learning.


Utilizing my background in behavioral neuroscience & sociology, my passion for hypnosis & coaching combine to thoughtful, effective support centered around your unique desires & goals. 

My two books “Ghosts & Letters”, and, “Wealth & Worth-Financial Focus for Money, Power & Finding Your Purpose” are tools for my mental wellness mission.


Philanthropy is a passion of mine I fulfil by serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Kennrod Incorporated and as an Autism Speaks Volunteer Advocacy Ambassador.

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